Meet the Family

Meet our family.  We are a fun bunch.  Overall, we’re open minded, curious, laid back and creative.
We try to live one day at a time.  That’s probably a good idea with 4 little ones underfoot.

We live in Minnesota, land of snow and ice.  We love cool weather.  As a family, we enjoy camping, playing games, watching movies, going to parks, taking walks and going shopping.

Family 2015

Melissa-Mommy, Teacher, Photographer, Christian, Blogger, Curious, Creative, Strong, Supportive, Upbeat, Brave, Protective

Nate-Head of Family, Daddy, Handyman, Animal Lover, Provider, Protector, Generous, Laid Back, Confident, Resourceful, Resilient, Upbeat, Hard Worker
Nate & Mel

Cat-Oldest Child, Big Sister, Confident, Goofy, Loud, Curious, Feisty, Helpful, Outgoing, Detail Oriented, Caring


Cupcake-Middle Child, Big Sister, Tenderhearted, Emotional, Hardy, Cuddly, Loving, Ambitious, Determined

Mr. Awesome-Only boy, Big Brother, Little Brother, Energetic, Curious, Adventuresome, Lovable, Happy, Loud, Inquisitive, Quick Learner, Tinkerer

Princess-Youngest, Little Sister, Cute, Happy, Joyful, Lovable, Giggly, Curious, Loving, Playful, Go-Getter