Meet Our Family

Meet our family.  We are a fun bunch.  Overall, we’re open-minded, curious, laid back and creative.
We try to live life one day at a time.  That’s probably a good idea with 4 little ones underfoot!

We live in Minnesota, land of snow and ice.  We love cool weather.  As a family, we enjoy camping, playing games, watching movies, going to parks, taking walks and going shopping.

Family 2015


Mommy, Teacher, Photographer, Christian, Blogger, Curious, Creative, Strong, Supportive, Upbeat, Brave, Protective


Head of Family, Daddy, Handyman, Animal Lover, Provider, Protector, Generous, Laid Back, Confident, Resourceful, Resilient, Upbeat, Hard Worker
Nate & Mel


Oldest Child, Big Sister, Confident, Goofy, Loud, Curious, Feisty, Helpful, Outgoing, Detail Oriented, Caring


Middle Child, Big Sister, Tenderhearted, Emotional, Hardy, Cuddly, Loving, Ambitious, Determined

Mr. Awesome

Only boy, Big Brother, Little Brother, Energetic, Curious, Adventuresome, Lovable, Happy, Loud, Inquisitive, Quick Learner, Tinkerer


Youngest, Little Sister, Cute, Happy, Joyful, Lovable, Giggly, Curious, Loving, Playful, Go-Getter

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