We’re making progress but old houses are a lot of work!  Every spare moment is spent fixing, renovating, tearing out, painting, sanding, raking, weeding and washing.  At this point, the house is still not livable.  However, we’re always excited and happy to be here.  We love imaging what will go where.  I can’t wait to see the end result of our finished home.

As you can tell from the images, we are completely redoing the master bathroom.  The previous tenants used the tub as a shower, so there was a lot of mildew and black mold.  Yuck!  we’re going to retile the whole thing and add a bit to the elevated walls surrounding the tub.  We’re ripping out the floor and we’re going to replace it with tile.  We’re also going to put in floor warmers I’m scraping off the border that was glued to the wall so I can repaint.

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