When I think of the word comfort, I know I have found the perfect name for my blog.  Over my life, I’ve had good times and bad, as we all have.  There have been people who have helped pick me up with a kind word or some helpful advice.  I am forever thankful for all of those who have helped me.

I love helping people.  I have often been encouraged by people I have helped.  Seeing them succeed and overcome an obstacle is such a joy.  My purpose for this blog is to share the knowledge I have found, through my experiences, in the hopes that it can help another.

Here you will find the life of a family with severe allergies, who are trying to live life in a way that is healthy and happy.  In our journey, we’ve learned a lot.  There is a great big world out there and so many more things to learn.  Please, join us in our allergy-friendly experience.