C is for Camping

Camping can change your life.
Camping changes your perspective, makes you thankful for the little things, helps you draw closer to God, helps you draw closer to your family, refreshes your soul and is good for you!

If you have severe allergies, like we do, camping is one of the best ways to travel and rest safely. There is no stress over unsafe hotel rooms or trying to find safe food, because you bring all of your own!

Camping with your children teaches them about God’s creation and his love for you. It teaches them about nature, plants, animals, and gets them to ask questions and inspires them to explore.

Camping gets you OUTSIDE of your home and into the sunshine to absorb some much needed vitamin D! In addition, you’re also absorbing some of the trillions of beneficial bacteria and viruses that make up our living world. These help create the building blocks of your body and create a diverse, healthy happy biome within you!

Camping means living with the basics and going with only what is necessary. In doing this, you find out what’s truly important. Things matter less and people matter more. When you get home after your trip, you might find a desire to minimize, simplify and live a more peaceful life. Or you might even be extra thankful for all of the modern conveniences you didn’t have while camping!

I hope you all make time to go camping at LEAST once a year. It just might change your life.