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Since I was a young girl, I can remember cleaning the house with chemicals.  Window spray, soft scrub, bleach, dish soap, dishwasher powder and dishwasher gel, laundry soap, fabric softener, carpet spray, carpet cleaner.  I loved the smalls of cleaning chemicals.  I remember how much I loved filling the dishwasher with soap and breathing deeply at the smell of lemony cleanliness.  As a young adult, I really enjoyed walking through the cleaning aisle and basking in the “clean” smells.

Since developing allergies to corn, I have to avoid the cleaning aisle when running to the store or try to make a quick run and grab for what I need.  Almost every single cleaning product has corn in it.  Some cleaning supplies even have peanut oil!  In addition to avoiding allergens, avoiding chemicals is also equally important.  Although chemicals don’t cause an immediate reaction like allergens do, they can cause just as much, if not more harm with long-term use.  Especially if you already have a compromised immune system.

I strive to have household products that are affordable, non-toxic, effective and environmentally friendly.  The nice thing about homemade cleaning recipes is that I get to reuse my bottles over and over, reducing my waste.  Homemade is usually the cheapest option.  When making my own household recipes, I get to control exactly what goes into it, so I can avoid allergens, toxins and add in smells I enjoy.  Testing the effectiveness is something you can join me on!  I’ll share the good and the bad.  Please share with me what works for your family as well!