Meet Melissa

Hello!  My name is Melissa.  Here are a few fun facts about me:

1. I am a mother to 4 wonderful children, 3 girls and 1 boy.
2. I am a photographer.  I’ve been a professional photographer since 2002.
3. I have more allergies than I can usually remember off the top of my head. My allergy to peanuts is so severe that I can not even be in the same room with anything made from peanuts.
4. My children also have allergies. My youngest, for example, has an intolerance to wheat and a severe corn allergy.  She can not have any corn by-products.  If you didn’t know this, corn is in 99.99% of everything in our modern world.  It’s in or on almost every food you could get at the store including fruits and veggies. It’s in products from stuffed animals to perfume to shampoo to diapers and so much more!
5. I would love to be completely self-sufficient.  That’s right, off the grid!  I think it would be awesome to have solar/wind/water power, grow most of our food and have very little waste.
6. I am a Christian.  I started studying the Bible in 2009 and I love it!  I’ve been working on daily personal study and in-depth group studies twice a week for about 6 years now.
7. I love snow and cool weather. I’ll take sweaters and socks over camisoles and flip-flops any day.
8. I am a big introvert.  Coming out of my shell is an art form I’ve worked on for years.  I don’t know if you’d know I was an introvert if you met me in person.  Hopefully I’ve pulled off simply appearing laid back.
9. I love to read.  Almost anything I can get my hands on, medical articles, parenting books, sci-fi fiction, historical recreations, ancestry information, history in general, old books about medicine, teaching, basic living, art, DIY, cooking, crafts, home remodeling, vehicle repair, like I said, anything I can get my hands on.  Most importantly, the Bible.
10. I homeschool my youngest two.  My older 2 children are in public school.
11. I love stars!  I love gazing at the sky on a clear night.  I also love the shape of stars and I become slightly obsessed with buying things with stars on them.
12. I love making lists.  Can you tell?
13. I’m a medical junkie.  I love reading almost everything medical related.  If I had enough time, energy and money, I would love to become a functional MD or in the medical field somehow.
14. I love dressing up.  I wish people still wore suits and dresses on a regular basis.  Even though I love skirts and dresses, I still love a comfy pair of leggings for lounging around the house.
15. I’m a struggling packrat striving for minimalism.  My problem is that I love art and projects, both of which require a lot of stuff.  I suppose having 4 children doesn’t exactly help with that.  lol  A lived in home is a happy one!

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