Real Food

I plan to share recipes that are allergy friendly and contain REAL FOOD, not artificial ingredients.    As a Mom with allergies and with children with allergies, I know how difficult it is to find recipes that are safe and healthy.  Although I will probably also post a lot of treats too, as I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

We have a strict diet due to allergies.  At first, this was devastating.  More importantly, it was an opportunity.  I have learned more about cooking and baking in the past five years than I have in my lifetime.  I am a little obsessive about researching.  I read medical articles, medical books, cooking books, health books, health blogs, I watch youtube videos and documentaries, talk to professionals… I could go on.  Any information I can get, I devour it.  I love learning.  When it comes to making sure that my family is happy and healthy, I will go to no limits.  Well, except my own physical limits, I am a Mother to 4 children after all.  ?