Traditional Medicinal Teas

Traditional Medicinal Teas

I love Traditional Medicinal teas for so many reasons.  They’re allergy friendly, organic, high quality, formulated by herbalists, they go through 9 levels of quality control testing and they’re delicious!  I am not getting paid to say any of this, I simply love them.  They contribute to the good health of my family and that is worth sharing.

Almost all of the Traditional Medicinal teas are corn free.  This is rare and wonderful.  Every other brand I’ve ever tried has been corn-taminated in some way.  Having safe, guilt-free, pain-free beverages is such a blessing.  Some days, post allergy exposure, I live on nothing but tea.  Without them, I would be left with only water, which is good, but it doesn’t fill my appetite.  Plus, the tea helps my body heal and recover.

I’ve read some articles  about the large amount of teas on the market being heavily sprayed with pesticides.  In addition to that, the tea bags themselves are also highly toxic!  In response, some companies have gone organic (but not corn free) or have tried using less toxic bags (made from corn).  Thankfully, Traditional Medicinals are the best quality I’ve found.  They are both corn free and non-toxic.

I’ll run you through a few of my favorites and how I use them.  Some teas we drink daily and some are once a week or seasonally.  Some we drink for pure enjoyment and others are for specific health reasons.  You don’t have to only drink them for their medicinal properties, you can simply have them for the joy of it!

Gypsy Cold Care

Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler
This is one of my favorites.  I’ve listed it first because this one not only tastes good, but the health benefits are amazing.  I started drinking this after my mother gave me the Seasonal Sampler box when I was sick.  It really helps kick the cold out.  Whenever I’m afraid one of the kids or I’m coming down with something, I brew up a cup to chase away the illness.  I like it plain and sometimes with honey.  I find it doesn’t need honey and I almost never use it with this tea anymore.

Breathe Easy

Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Tea
I’m listing this one second because I feel it’s incredibly important.  With my asthma and my earlier in life penchant for coming down with pneumonia at the drop of a hat, breathing is very important.  If I get a cold with a cough or I have allergy exposure that makes it difficult to breathe, this tea is a lifesaver.  I’ll make a nice steamy cup, cradle it in my hands, bend over the cup and breathe in the steam.  After it cools I’ll sip it slowly to try and prolong my exposure.  I do enjoy honey in this one.  Honey is great for breathing problems too.

Roasted Dandelion Root

Roasted Dandelion Root Traditional Medicinals
This is my current favorite.  I haven’t been able to find corn-free coffee.  I love coffee, but if I cheat and drink some, I get incredibly sick.  I actually bought this tea because it was on sale and I had been meaning to try it for its health properties.  Dandelion root is amazing for detoxifying the liver.  Once I tasted it plain, a light bulb went off over my head, it tasted like coffee!  Since then, I have not had a single drop of coffee.  I drink roasted dandelion root “coffee” every day, it’s so good.  I add a little local 100% pure maple syrup and local organic grass fed heavy whipping cream.  I have made it for my kids, my family and friends and they all agree with me that it’s amazing.

Throat Coat

This tea is fantastic for sore throats.  I think it tastes great, especially with honey.  However, my kids are not big fans.  They usually complain when I make them a cup.  I add extra honey so they’ll drink it.  I don’t feel guilty about extra sugar, honey helps to soothe and heal sore throats.  Thankfully, this one is part of the seasonal sampler, if you’d like to try a variety of their teas.Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler

Echinacea Plus

Traditional Medicinals Seasonal Sampler
If you don’t already know, echinacea is amazing for immune system support.

Lavender Chamomile

Traditional Medicinals Chamomile with Lavender
When I first saw this tea, I was really excited to try it.  I love lavender.  I had been looking for a good chamomile to help me relax before bed or when I feel stressed out.  This one is soothing and perfect for both of those.

Hibiscus Green Tea

I have read great things about using hibiscus for a healthy heart and also as a vitamin C source.  I needed a safe, corn free green tea and went searching for one that was allergy friendly, non-toxic, and affordable.  When I stumbled across hibiscus green tea, from traditional medicinals, I was excited to give it a try.  It’s a bit more tart than I expected.  I use honey and cream to sweeten it.  I’m going to make my next batch of Kombucha with it for a little variety.

There are many other great blends made by Traditional Medicinals.  I hope that this inspires you to give them a try!  Do you drink Traditional Medicinals?  What is your favorite?  Have you tried any of my favorites for yourself after reading this?  Let me know!  🙂