Rocky The Squirrel Visits Grandpa

Rocky The Squirrel Visits Grandpa

My Grandfather is an incredible man.  For as long as I can remember, my grandparent’s house was a place of sunshine and happiness.  It was a safe place in a hard world.

My grandparents were kind, patient people.  They loved creating things, growing things and exploring.  They would take me on walks or show me their garden.  My memories of my Grandparents are among some of the happiest in my life.

My Grandmother passed away in July 2012.  She had Alzheimer’s, so we lost her mind before we lost all of her.  It was really hard to watch her lose most of who she was.

My Grandfather also developed Alzheimer’s, but he was not as bad as my Grandma.  He still had his personality and could remember a lot of things.  He would mainly get confused and sometimes seem almost like a child.  Thankfully, we could still talk to him about his memories and joke around with him like always.

Recently, my grandfather got sick and ended up bedridden.  My Dad told me that he was extremely dehydrated.  A few days later, my parents told me that Grandpa had been put on Hospice care.  They expected him to only last a few days.

My Grandpa hates the pain medication.  He firmly tells the staff he doesn’t want it and for them to GO AWAY when they try to give it to him.  Other than that, my Grandfather is a sweet and gentle man.  I only mention this, because you can hear him in the video below when we’re singing to him.

My grandfather is in his early 80’s.  I always knew that someday, we would lose him, as we lost my grandma.  Still, I never expected the day to come.  The kids and I started visiting him almost every day.  He truly did not look well.  I prepared myself mentally for the worst.

My children did what they could to show him he was loved.  They colored him pictures, sang him songs, Cat played her ukulele and Cupcake played her flute.  We wanted him to know he wasn’t alone.

There is a woman who works at the home that has a pet kitten.  She often brings her kitty for Grandpa to hold and love up.  My Grandpa loves cats and used to rescue strays from the neighborhood.

I’ve seen pictures of a pet squirrel they used to have as well.  My sister Liz brought her pet squirrel Rocky to visit and snuggle with Grandpa.  Rocky took turns cuddling with all of us.  Princess LOVES Rocky and is always so excited when Liz lets her hold him.

When I was sitting down, Liz put Rocky on me and he climbed into my shirt to take a nap.  Thankfully I had an undershirt on too, his little claws are sharp!  He is such a cute squirrel though.

After we left Grandpa, we stopped by the grocery store for a few things.  I got 2 new pots that were on sale.  It was hard to pass on the beautiful succulents, but I’d have nowhere to put them!  I’m trying to only buy plants that are helpful in some way in the future since I have accumulated so many plants.  Anything that is medicinal or edible is preferred.

Once home, I set about putting away the groceries, cleaning the kitchen, feeding the family snacks and making dinner.  I have been dehydrating fruit to make fruit strips and chips for camping.

We have reservations to go camping soon.  I’m worried about my Grandfather while we’re gone.  We won’t be in cell range.  I’m hoping my Grandpa will be well enough to hang on for longer than expected.  I can’t delay the trip because school will be starting soon and it will also be fall and too cold for camping.  I can only hope and pray and see what happens.