52 Project, Week 9: Ice/Snow/Frost

52 Project, Week 9: Ice/Snow/Frost

One of my favorite things about living in Minnesota is the winter season.  I prefer the cold air over hot any day of the week.  I love wearing boots, instead of flip-flops, I prefer sweaters over camisoles, I love cuddling under warm blankets with those I love.  In winter, you won’t find insects, although there might be a ladybug hiding in a warm corner.  The best thing about winter though is the beauty that transforms the landscape.

Ice, snow, and frost are so different from one another.  They all share the fact that they are created from frozen water, but visually, they are unique.  Unlike many of these photography challenges, ice, snow, and frost are limited to a single season and the mercy of the weather.  Unfortunately, we had a very late start to the winter season, unusually warm temperatures all season long and an early spring.  Trying to capture the images for this challenge were hit or miss.


Frost is a fascinating creation to behold.  It dances and skates across the surface of anything it touches as though fairies were playing in the night.  It decorates grass, branches, windows, and anything left outside with a sparkly white layer of crystallized glitter.  Seeing a frost covered world, lit by the morning sun is a rare treat, better than a frosted cookie or cake.  It is a breathtaking sight to behold.  Frost is short lived and hard to capture, but I have great fun trying.


I love snow.  I love how it falls, soft as feathers, beautiful and white, dancing through the air.  I love its fluffy blankets spread across the ground and piled upon every surface.  I love how it glitters in the sunlight as though diamonds were crushed and sprinkled upon the surface.  It brightens the night with a soft, ethereal glow.  Snow transforms the entire world into a new place, almost unimaginable from its warm state.


My children’s favorite activity this winter was ice skating   The weather was so warm that we had a very short ice skating season, but we still managed to get out a couple of times.  Although I wasn’t photographing them specifically for this photography challenge, I thought it would be fun to share a video of them learning to ice skate.

What is your favorite thing about ice, snow or frost?  Do you love getting out there and enjoying winter activities with your family?

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