450 Daily Life Ideas for Your 365 Project

450 Daily Life Ideas for Your 365 Project

Are you interested in having a successful 365 project?  Many people, myself included, start a new year full of excitement and high hopes about having a year full of beautiful images.  Yet, actually fulfilling this task is easier said than done.

I have always wanted to complete a 365 project.  I have tried a few times and ended up forgetting a day or two and gave up.  I think this is probably the case for a lot of people.  So after failing many times, I decided to try a 52 Project. 

It was a lot of fun!  I created a list of words that I wanted to tackle every week.  Unfortunately, I would hit a word that stumped me and fall behind.   I started skipping hard words and bouncing around a lot on my list.  I still kept plugging away at it, but the truth is, I didn’t finish.  I’m probably going to keep working at it till it is done though!

Although there are a lot of fun lists of ideas out there, I wanted a list that would be attainable.  I wanted a list that could be jumped around on.  This list must be something that I could do from home or during daily life, nothing crazy and extravagant.  This way, no matter what I have going on, I can look at the list and say, “I can totally do this today!”

So here it is, a huge list full of ideas that can easily be fulfilled and hopefully make your 365 project, and mine, a success!

Many of these are repeatable!  For example, What I’m Wearing changes every day!  I’ve listed every room I can think of in a house, but you can always add on a room if you have something extra.  These are all general ideas to work up your excitement and inspire you!  If the task is Bathroom, you don’t have to take a shot of the entire room, for example.  Maybe you love some art on the wall of your bathroom.

You can print these off and check off as you go.  You do not have to do these in order, jump around to find something that excites you.  I hope you have a successful 365 project and a fun year!
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If you’d like a simple list to print instead, download HERE