52 Project, Week 31: Love

52 Project, Week 31: Love

I had been having a rough few months.  The stress of my grandfather’s failing health and death.  Regular life chaos and work.  The return of the school year.  Sending my oldest two back to school, which has always made my heart break from sadness and the beginning of homeschool work for my youngest two, which has its own amount of work and struggles.

On a regular grocery shopping trip, I stopped to smell the roses while passing by.  I always try to stop and smell the roses.  They are so beautiful and they smell so lovely.  It’s a brief moment of joy in my day.

A day later, Nate ran some errands alone.  I went to open the door for him since he had his arms full.  He asked if I could please grab something from the trunk.  I immediately went out to help and paused when my eyes caught sight of a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

I couldn’t help but laugh with joy as I hugged my flowers to my chest and took a deep breath of its fragrant perfume.  Nate knew just the way to make me feel better.

I enjoyed trimming my stems and leaves and arranging my flowers perfectly in my favorite vase.  Princess enjoyed smelling several of the flowers herself and happily played at my side as I worked.  Once my bouquet was just so, I cleaned the table well so that it was worthy of the beauty that graced it.

For the next week, I enjoyed gazing fondly at my roses as I washed the dishes or helped the children with their homework. I stopped often to smell them, enjoying the butterfly soft caress of the petals on the tip of my nose and my lips.

It wasn’t just the beauty of my lovely roses that warmed my heart.  It was the thought and love behind them.  Nate saw the joy that stopping to smell the roses brought me in the store.  He remembered it and took the effort to surprise me with some.  A grand gesture in a melancholy week.

As for love, it isn’t always big grand gestures and flowers that make love so sweet.  It is the little things, like helping carry in groceries, cooking dinner together, helping with homework, a hug, a kiss, and time well spent together.  Love makes life worth living.  Sometimes a rose is a great reminder of that.

52 Project, Week 31: Love

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