52 Project, Week 6: Hair

52 Project, Week 6: Hair

A woman’s hair is her glory.  Depending on how great, or awful, someone’s hair looks, can determine their self-esteem.  A bad hair day might dampen someone’s spirits and a good hair day can put an extra bounce in their step.  Hair comes in a wide variety of styles, types, colors,.thickness and lengths.  I love how different and beautiful we all are.

I can remember having lighter hair when I was young.  My hair was blonde as a toddler and it started to darken when I was still very young.  One of my early memories is while I was walking with my parents and some friends of theirs.  They commented on how beautiful my hair was and my parents mentioned that it was getting darker.  I can remember feeling astounded.  I had no idea my hair could change color!  Later, while playing in the bathtub, I remember studying how my hair got darker as it got wet.

My mother loved the color of my hair and would often tell me how beautiful it was.  For, me, hair was something I had to brush, but didn’t want to.  My Mother would rip the brush through my hair and I would cry.  As an adult, the tables have turned and I get to be the one making my little girls cry, much to my dismay.  I try to be careful and work through their hair gently, but I do accidentally hit a snarl or two.

I used my Cupcake’s hair for this project.  She has the thickest and longest hair in our family.  It’s beautiful and it reminds me of my best friend, Linda’s hair.  Linda had thick beautiful hair too and she would always brush it before exiting her vehicle.  Unlike Linda’s hair, Cupcake’s hair is a golden blonde, much like mine was as a child.

Do you have a favorite or funny hair story to share with us?  Leave a comment below!

Cat’s 52 Project, Week 6: Hair
Cat’s 52 Project, Week 6: Hair


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