5 Week Workout Challenge

5 Week Workout Challenge

It’s almost summer!  With one week of school left for my kiddos, planning summer activities is a necessity.  If the summer isn’t planned, it flies by and nothing much happens.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on our calendar and researching activities.

Cat and I thought it would be great fun to have a 5 week workout challenge.  The little ones don’t really care what we do, but they love to be outside and active.  In order to keep all of us happy, I filled the calendar with primarily hiking.  Hiking is something that gets the body moving, the heart pumping and offers a change of scenery.  It can be done by anyone, young or old!

We’ll also have days for indoor exercises at home.  This can be pilates, weight lifting, workout videos or another favorite workout activity.  If it’s thunder storming, we’ll probably cancel our hike day for indoor exercises instead.  If someone has plans to join us, maybe we’ll move our exercise plans to an indoor location, like the Mall of America for speed walking.  If it’s raining, we’ll bring umbrellas!  My kids love rain!

Hopefully, by the end of our 5 weeks, we’ll be feeling healthier and happier.  Plus, we’ll get the joy of exploring the great outdoors instead of being cooped up inside.  Our “week” is a little unusual.  We will not be doing a Monday through Friday week.  Sundays and Mondays are our days off.  Tuesdays through Saturdays are workout days.

I found a great app called All Trails which helps find local hiking trails.  It gives the length of the hike, maps, altitude, level of difficulty and more!  I suggest you check it out to see what’s in your area!

I’m inviting you to join us!  I’ll be creating a special Facebook workout group just for those in Minnesota who are interested.  This will be a secret group, so only members can see where we’re going and who’s joining us.  Call, PM, text or email me to join the group.

For anyone else who can’t join us, check back to see posts about our adventures!  Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to make an adventure of your own this summer.  Go out and enjoy nature!

Week 1
Week 1, Day 1: Workout At Home
Week 1, Day 2: Jensen Lake Trail
Week 1, Day 3: Hay Creek
Week 1, Day 4: Minnehaha Falls
Week 1, Day 5: Spring Lake Park

Week 2
Week 2, Day 1: Workout At Home
Week 2, Day 2: Old Mill Park
Week 2, Day 3: Challenge at Home
Week 2, Day 4: 2nd Plank Challenge

Week 3
Week 3, Day 1: Hastings Riverwalk
Week 3, Day 2: 1st Convention Day, Rochester
Week 3, Day 3: Covered Bridge Park
Week 3, Day 4: 4-Year-Old Adventure

Week 4
Week 4, Day 1: Morning Workout
Week 4, Day 2: Fort Snelling
Week 4, Day 3: Night Walk Date
Week 4, Day 4: Afton State Park

Week 5
Week 5, Day 1: Schaar’s Bluff
Week 5, Day 2: Kawishiwi Falls
Week 5, Day 3: Norberg Trail

Do you have a workout plan this summer?  What’s your favorite type of exercise? We’d love to hear about it!


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